Marissa Jones Designs

Marissa Jones Designs started as a outlet for Marissa to be a stay at home Mom. Crafting jewelry has been a large part of her life thus far and crystals have been a new focus of hers. The first bracelets she sold were when she was only 7 or 8 at her Mom’s salon made with pony beads, selling for $.50 each. She loves being able to be creative with crystals and learning about their beneficial connections.

Every piece is handcrafted with crystal chips placed in resin. Making sure each crystal is reaching its potential in the pendant. She always uses clear resin in our products, insuring the you can see the true colors of the crystals. Being educated about the crystals came first. This allows her to only buy from reputable retailers. This also allows her designs to deliver the correct message she wants to convey.

All her designs are a one of kind creation with a meaningful message. check out her products at You can also find her on Facebook